St. Nicholas Albanian Orthodox Church
Shrine of the Holy Virgin Mary
2701 N. Narragansett Ave., Chicago, IL 60639
Welcome to Our Parish!

The miraculous Weeping Icon of the Blessed Virgin
The miraculous Weeping Icon of the Blessed Virgin
The miraculous Weeping Icon of the Blessed Virgin

Welcome to St. Nicholas Albanian Orthodox Church in Chicago!
 Please join us on Sundays for Divine Liturgy at 10:00 a.m.  
Miresevini ne kishen Orthodokse te Shen Kollit ne Chicago!  Ju lutemi beni te mundur pjesmarrjen tuaj c'do te Djele ne Liturgjine Hyjnore ne oren 10.00 a.m.

Our parish was founded in 1944 by Albanians from the southeastern part of the country, near the city of Korca. The current church building was built in 1961 and the beautiful interior is filled with wonderful icons, including the miraculous Icon of the Blessed Virgin, whose story is found here.  Read the full history of our parish here. 


Metropolitan Ilia of Philomelion
Metropolitan Ilia of Philomelion
Metropolitan Ilia of Philomelion
Church Exterior
Church Exterior
Church Exterior
Church Interior
Church Interior
Church Interior


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Saturday, February 6th

Dear Parishioners and Friends,
In celebration of the 10th year anniversary of Fr. Kostandin’s elevaton to the rank of priest, there will be a Divine Liturgy service on Saturday, February 6 which commemorates Photius the Great, Patriarch of Constantinople. Please join us in congratulating Fr. Kostandin for all that he does in the service of God. May the love of the Lord be with you, Fr. Kostandin, as you continue your most holy and blessed work.
House blessings from Wednesday, January 6 through Saturday, March 13.
Individual Membership: $150.00 annually
Family/Couples Membership: $250.00 annually
Thank you and have a blessed evening
Important Announcement

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ! We are happy to announce that our beloved parish is now opened for Liturgy services only. 

Fr Kostandin wants share with you a message regarding August services and COVID-19 guidelines by Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops that you will be able to open it by clicking HERE.

In the mean time services will continue to be streamed live via Facebook as scheduled. Please click HERE to review August services schedule.  If you would like to stream this service and others throughout the month of June please like us on Facebook at: St. Nicholas Albanian Orthodox Church - Chicago IL .

Please pray for all those affected. May GOD bless you your loved ones !

Church Membership

Reminder: Church membership dues for the year 2020 should be paid before March 31, 2020. Current members will be receiving an annual dues reminder form in the mail. Please fill out the form with any changes and return it to St. Nicholas with your check.  Forms will also be available at the candle stand for your convenience.  For more information click here to view the membership renewal form in English or in Albanian.  


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