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Grupi Arberia Group Photo

Albanian Dance School - Grupi Arberia

Friends and Family of Grupi Arberia,

2023 brought many exciting changes to our school. We welcomed many new students, teachers and staff. We look forward to continuing advancing our school and curriculum together with our supportive parents, board, and faculty in 2024.

It’s not too late to register and join our Grupi Arberia dance class. Please complete and sign the Second Semester 2024 registration form —

Student Fees are:
Grupi Arberia $50.00 / Semester

Grupi Arbëria, our dance group, meets every other Sunday at 1pm.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could help spread the word among families with children aged 5 through 17 who might be interested in joining our program.

We are so grateful for the sacrifices many of our families make to provide their children with an education in Albanian language and culture. We strongly believe that investing in your child's Albanian cultural heritage is a rewarding endeavor.

We eagerly anticipate working together in cooperation for the benefit of these young learners.


Ardit Breznica
Grupi Arberia Dance Instructor

I am one of the two dance teachers for Grupi Arbëria. I have been teaching dancing for Grupi Arbëria for three years now.

My experience at Shkolla Shqipe and Grupi Arbëria started when I was 8 years old. My passion for dancing started when I was even younger though and I always loved to have fun. Being a part of these organizations helped me connect closer with the Albanian community and make lifelong memories. My goal as a dance teacher is to give back to the Albanian community by connecting the kids closer to their heritage through dance while also having fun and making lifelong friends and memories.

Georgya Borova
Grupi Arberia Dance Instructor

My name is Georgya Borova and I am one of the dance teachers for Grupi Arberia. I have been teaching the students of Grupi Arberia for three years now.

I have been a part of Shkolla Shqipe and Grupi Arberia for over 13 years and I am grateful to have the opportunity to give back to the community that helped make me who I am today. I hope I’m able to create memories for all of our students so they can look back at our time together as fondly as I do.