St. Nicholas Albanian Orthodox Church
Shrine of the Holy Virgin Mary
2701 N. Narragansett Ave., Chicago, IL 60639
Welcome to Our Parish!

The miraculous Weeping Icon of the Blessed Virgin
The miraculous Weeping Icon of the Blessed Virgin
The miraculous Weeping Icon of the Blessed Virgin

Welcome to St. Nicholas Albanian Orthodox Church in Chicago!
 Please join us on Sundays for Divine Liturgy at 10:00 a.m.  
Miresevini ne kishen Orthodokse te Shen Kollit ne Chicago!  Ju lutemi beni te mundur pjesmarrjen tuaj c'do te Djele ne Liturgjine Hyjnore ne oren 10.00 a.m.

Our parish was founded in 1944 by Albanians from the southeastern part of the country, near the city of Korca. The current church building was built in 1961 and the beautiful interior is filled with wonderful icons, including the miraculous Icon of the Blessed Virgin, whose story is found here.  Read the full history of our parish here. 


His Grace Bishop Ilia
His Grace Bishop Ilia
His Grace Bishop Ilia
Church Exterior
Church Exterior
Church Exterior
Church Interior
Church Interior
Church Interior


Welcome to Our New Parish Priest

As of September 1, the Reverend Presbyter Kostandin Tuda has been assigned by His Grace Bishop Ilia to be the full time priest at St. Nicholas Church.  Fr. Kostandin and Prifteresha Kozeta with their children Beatrice and Francesko are settling into a house in Elmwood Park and are very happy to be part of the St. Nicholas community.   Welcome to our Parish Fr. Kostandin and family!

New Time

Please Note: Sunday and weekday Liturgies will now begin at 10:00 AM year round.

House Blessing Visitation

House Blessings

Blessing homes of Orthodox Christians is done each year on or after the feast of Theophany. This act is the central sign of God's sanctification of all things through Christ's baptism in the river Jordan and his epiphany to the world. 

Fr. Kostandin is available to bless your house or business. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call Fr. Kostandin at 773-889-6799. If no one answers, please leave a message and someone will get back to you. On Sunday’s, please see Maria Kamenica during coffee hour…she will have the appointment book available at the book store. 

When the priest comes to the house blessing, please adhere to these guidelines:

1. Have as many family members there as possible.

2. Set up a place for prayers, in the dining room or kitchen, with an icon and a candle.

3. Print the first names of those for whom special prayers are to be offered on a sheet of paper, include all family members making a clear distinction between living and departed.

4. Take this time to get to know the priest better, asking any questions you may have.

5. Make the priest aware of any special needs you may have.

6. Tell the priest about any family members who are in nursing homes or in need of a visit.

Bekimi I Shtepive

Bekimi i shtёpive tё tё Krishterёve Ortodoksё bёhet ҫdo vit nё ditёn e festёs tё Theofanisё ose pas saj. Ky akt ёshtё shenja qёndrore e shenjtёrimit tё tё gjitha gjёrave nga Perёndia nёpёrmjet pagёzimit tё Krishtit nё lumin Jordan dhe epifanisё sё Tij ndaj tё gjithё botёs. 

At. Kostandini ёshtё i gatshёm tё shkojё ndёr besimtarёt pёr tё bekuar shtёpitё apo bizneset e tyre. Nёse dёshironi tё caktoni njё takim, ju lutem telefononi At. Kostandinin nё numrin 773-889-6799. Nёse askush nuk i pёrgjigjet telefonatёs suaj, ju lutem lini njё mesazh dhe dikush do t’ju kontaktojё. Tё Dielave, ju lutem kontaktoni Maria Kamenicёn gjate orёs sё kafes….ajo do tё ketё bllokun e takimeve tё disponueshёm nё hollin e kishёs. 

Kur vjen prifti pёr bekimin e shtёpise, ju lutem pёrmbajuni kёtyre rregullave:

1. Tё jenё tё pranishёm sa mё shumё anёtarё tё familjes qё tё jetё e mundur.

2. Pёrgatisni njё vend pёr lutje nё dhomёn e pritjes apo kuzhinё me njё ikonё dhe qiri.

3. Shkruani emrat e atyre pёr tё cilёt do tё ofrohen lutje te vecanta nё njё letёr duke pёrfshirё emrat e tё gjithё anёtarёve tё familjes, duke dalluar te gjallёt nga tё fjeturit.

4. Pёrfitoni nga ky rast pёr tё njohur priftin mё mirё duke drejtuar pyetje qё mund tё keni.

5. Informojeni priftin mbi ҫdo nevojё tё veҫantё qё mund tё keni.

6. Informojeni priftin mbi ndonjё anёtar tё familjes qё ёshtё i sёmurё dhe ka nevojё pёr njё vizitё.

Second Semester Registration for Shkolla Shqipe and Grupi Arberia

Second semester registration for both Shkolla Shqipe and Grupi Arberia begins on Sunday, January 10, 2016.  These ministries are open to children ages 4 to 17.  Shkolla Shqipe classes begin on Sunday, January 24, promptly at 12:30 PM.  Starting on Sunday, January 31, Grupi Arberia dance classes will be held every other Sunday from 1:30 to 2:30 PM.  The final day for classes for both groups is Sunday, May 29.  For more information and online forms please click here for Shkolla Shqipe and/or click here for Grupi Arberia

Save The Date

Sunday, March 6 - Meat Fare Sunday - Pre-Lenten Luncheon

Sunday, April 24 - Palm Sunday - Palm Sunday Luncheon

Friday, April 29 - Holy and Good Friday

Sunday, May 1 - Holy Pascha

Monday, December 5 - St. Nicholas Vesper Service

Tuesday, December 6 - St. Nicholas Patron Saint Day Celebration / 30th Anniversary of the Weeping of the

Icon of the Virgin Mary

Sunday, December 11 - Annual Shen Kolli Dinner Dance

Please keep these dates in mind.  Detailed information will be forthcoming as the dates draw nearer.  You attendance and support is greatly appreciated!


During our annual General Meeting on Sunday, December 13, elections for the new 2016-17 Parish Council were held.  Only twelve names were put in nomination.  Since that is the number of seats on the council, the secretary cast one vote and the attending members in good standing passed this vote unanimously.  To view the list of our parish council members, please go to our Administration page. 

Church Membership

Reminder: Church membership dues for the year 2016 must be paid before March 31, 2016. Current members will be receiving an annual dues reminder form in the mail. Please fill out the form with any changes and return it to St. Nicholas with your check.  Forms will also be available at the candle stand for your convenience.  For more information click here to view the membership renewal form in English or in Albanian.  (Please check back - 2016 forms will be uploaded soon.)

2015 Building Renovation Fund

A word from Bishop Ilia:  St. John Chrysostom writes in a final prayer of the Divine Liturgy, "Sanctify those who love the beauty of Your House."  This request is made since "...every good gift and perfect gift is from above coming to You, the Father of lights."  Think about it!  We are blessed and made holy when we take care of the Church.  Our love for God is so great that it includes the beautification, preservation and maintenance of the Church building.  The prayer also reminds us that every good gift comes from God.  This includes the money we earn and aquire which we do so because God blesses us in good health, favorable work conditions and freedom to prosper.  Because of all these things let us not hesitate to contribute time and again to the Building Renovation Fund.  The Parish goal is $58,500.00.  Donate today! 

UPDATE: As of September 30, contributions to this fund total $41,000.00, which is slightly over 70% of the total funds needed.  Click here to view our progress and the updated Donor List.  We thank everyone for their continued support.  To view the Building Renovation Fund letter sent out to our parishioners and friends, please click here.

Online Surveys

Please watch this section for our next survey coming soon! Thank you in advance for your participation.  We appreciate your comments and suggestions.     

Any and all online surveys St. Nicholas Church conducts will be provided by QuestionPro.